Have you ever wondered about these marks?  All human beings inherit traits from our parents, grandparents, or great grandparents.  These traits are always negative to your personality, but positive to your well-being.

A birthmark trait, means that you can be a fanatic about one certain subject, which can be irritating in society, thus, making you hard to get to know, but once someone does get to know you, you can be a loyal friend or partner.

Moles mean about the same thing, except these traits are inherited from parents.  If you have many moles, in various places on your body, it means that you are a very versatile person and capable of adapting to any situation.

Any scars on your body, even self-inflicted, mean that any negative traits that you have inherited, you have been healed of.  Scars are usually unsightly, but they should be looked at as a spiritual healing.


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